The English Tenor Repertoire

Volume Two

with Roger Fisher – piano

Gordon Pullin and Roger Fisher


Thomas Morley – Thyrsis and Milla;
John Blow – Sabina hath a thousand charms;
Thomas Arne –
The Plague of Love;
John Clarke-Whitfeld –
Here’s the vow she falsely swore;
Charles Villiers Stanford -
Cyril Scott –
A Serenade;
 Edward Elgar –
The Torch;
George Butterworth –
I fear thy kisses;
Cyril Rootham –
South Wind;
Herbert Howells –
King David;
Ivor Gurney –
The Idlers;
Heathcote Statham –
The Find;
Lennox Berkeley –
How love came in;
William Walton –
Under the greenwood tree;
Stephen Wilkinson –
Come away, Death;
Humphrey Searle –
March Past;
Hubert Foss –
She walks in beauty;
Michael Head –
As I went down zig-zag;
John Jeffreys –
There is a lady sweet and kind;
Andrew Carter –
Pancake Tuesday;
Trevor Hold –
Philip Wilby –
Unholy Sonnet


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