The English Tenor Repertoire

Volume Four – ‘The Tradition Abroad’

with Roger Fisher – piano


Francis Hopkinson – Beneath a Weeping Willow’s Shade;
Foster – I dream of Jeanie;
Ethelbert Nevin – Dark brown is the river;
Wilson G Smith – Entreaty;
Edward MacDowell
– Constancy;
Arthur Whiting – Yet ah, that spring should vanish;
Sidney Homer – Requiem;
Walter Morse Rummel – Ecstasy;
Marshall Kernochan – Smuggler’s Song;
Roland Farley – The Night Wind;
John Duke – Loveliest of Trees;
William Schuman – Orpheus with his lute;
Charles Ives – Two Little Flowers;
arr. Aaron Copland – Long Time ago;
Aaron Copland – The Chariot;
Leo Sowerby – Pulse of Spring;
Ned Rorem – Early in the Morning;
Virgil Thomson – Sigh No More, Ladies;
Samuel Barber – In the Wilderness;
Lee Hoiby – The Lamb;
Percy Grainger – Willow, Willow;
Arthur Benjamin – Callers;
Malcolm Williamson – The Lamplighter;
Victor Hely-Hutchinson – The Owl and the Pussy-cat;
John Joubert – Oracle;
Vernon Griffiths – Wrong Not, Sweet Empress;
Walter Strong Edwards – Love’s Philosophy;
arr. Craig Castle – Canadian Folk-song;
Wilfrid Mellers – A Ballad of Anyone


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