The English Tenor Repertoire

Volume Five – ‘The Parlour Song’

with Roger Fisher – piano


Charles Dibdin – Tom Bowling;
John Braham – The Death of Nelson;
Michael Balfe – Come into the Garden, Maud;
Claribel – You and I;
Arthur Sullivan – The Lost Chord;
Frederick Clay – I’ll Sing Thee Songs of Araby;
Joseph Barnby – The Beggar Maid;
Stephen Adams – The Holy City;
Henry Leslie – Annabelle Lee;
Henry Lamb – The Volunteer Organist;
Dolores – The Brook;
Liza Lehmann – Ah, moon of my delight;
Florence Aylward – Song of the Bow;
Amy Woodforde-Finden – Kashmiri Song;
Charles Willeby – Crossing the Bar;
Maude Valιrie White – Absent Yet Present;
Wilfred Sanderson – Until;
May H. Brahe – Bless This House;
A. Bazel Androzzo – If I can help somebody


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