The English Tenor Repertoire

Volume Six

with Roger Fisher piano


 Thomas Campian - Vain men, whose follies
James Hook -
Mary of Allendale
Thomas Dunhill - The Cloths of Heaven
George Peel - Loveliest of trees
Gustav Holst - The Sergeant's Song
E.J.Moeran - In Youth is Pleasure
Edmund Rubbra - Why so pale and wan?
Robin Orr - Tell me now
Thomas Pitfield -
Willow Song
Arthur Oldham -
The Herd Boy's Song
Donald Swann -
Dark Rose of my Heart
Malcolm Arnold -
The Good-Morrow
Douglas Steele -
I heard a Linnet Courting
Dorothy Parke -
The Falling of the Leaves
Stuart Ward -
In Venice Tasso's echoes are no more
Betty Roe -
Adrian Self -
How many miles to Mylor?
Alan Lees -
Two songs of Exile
Dorothy Pilling -
Alan Bullard -
I seek her in the shady grove
Roy Teed -
Fare Well
Roy Buckle -
Retty's Phases
John Jeffreys -
I saw love raised upon a tree
Tony Noakes -


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