-----Released December 2008-----

Light Music for Piano and Voice

including compositions by John McLain

performed by

Gordon Pullin (tenor), Barbara Manning (piano)


Bach Goes to Town (Alec Templeton)
Birdsongs at Eventide (Royden Barrie, Eric Coates)
Cat in a Flap (Anne Allinson)
Soliloquy (J McLain arr Tony Fones)
Sea Fever (John Masefield, John Ireland)
Dizzy Fingers (Zez Confrey)
Into My Heart (A E Housman, J McLain)
All in Good Time (J McLain)
Girls were Made to Love and Kiss (Knepler & Jenbach, Franz Lehár)
Danse Nègre (Cyril Scott)
Mamble (John Drinkwater, J McLain)
Kirsty - in Melancholy Mood (J McLain)
Kashmiri Song (Laurence Hope, Amy Woodforde-Finden)
Golliwog’s Cakewalk (Claude Debussy)
When June Is Come (Robert Bridges, J McLain)
Serendipity (J McLain arr Tony Fones)
The Willow (Richard W Dixon, J McLain)
Kitten on the Keys (Zez Confrey)
Renunciation (Anne Allinson)
The Forest at Dusk (J McLain)
Onaway, Awake Beloved! (Henry W Longfellow, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor)


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